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The Importance of Expert Area Rug Cleaning

It isn’t a secret that vacuuming and carpet cleaning are two very different things. While you should vacuum your rug on a regular basis (at least once every three or four months for large area rugs), Expert Area Rug Cleaning is extremely important. Why should you have your area rug professionally cleaned? In this article, […]
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6 Easy Tips to Maintain the Splendor of Your Persian Rug

Persian rugs are one of the oldest and finest types of oriental rugs. The heavy fabric is created in Iran and its surrounding areas which were once a part of the Persian Empire. Just like every other oriental rug, Persian rugs are also made from a variety of fibers, primarily wool, cotton and silk. Persian […]

Why Rug Cleaning Should Not Be Ignored

Have you relied on DIY and home cleaning tips to clean your rug and have managed to make it worse? DIY tips are great for getting rid of small problems at home, but when it comes to tackling larger projects like cleaning your rug; the task should be left to the professionals to protect the […]

A Guide to Oriental Rug Repair

Oriental rugs are heavy fabric carpets that are made in a variety of attractive designs. The rugs are created in most, if not all, oriental countries for export and local usage. These rugs are made from many different textiles, mainly silk, cotton, and wool. What makes them so great is the fact that they not […]

All You Need To Know About Rug Repair

Rugs are not only useful but they also add to the aesthetic value of your house. Like all other things in your house, rugs too need care, cleaning, and sometimes, repairs. No matter how expensive your rugs are and how hard you try to keep them clean and protect them from any damage, they do […]
No Use Beating Around the Rug

No Use Beating Around the Rug

We, at NYC Steam Cleaning, are the experts when it comes to rugs. Our knowledge is unmatched when it comes to rug cleaning. That is one reason why people living outside our current coverage area – Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York – often ask about our secrets. They already know that the way we […]