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How to Keep Your Best Furniture from Getting Ruined

It is far better to be safe than sorry. Granted you might have the most expensive furniture in your house with a warranty which has it covered for many years, sometimes one which lasts a lifetime too, cheap furniture with better care can last for a longer time than a pricey one. Proper care and […]
Why Upholstery Cleaning is Important

Why Upholstery Cleaning is Important

The key to a productive and happy home or office is keeping it clean and germ-free. This may sound absurd to you but by keeping your office furniture clean, you can improve the environment of your office and increase workplace productivity. On the other hand, homeowners can keep themselves and their family healthy by regularly […]

How to Restore Your Furniture after Water Damage?

Major water damage in homes is mainly caused by heavy rains, floods or excessive overflow of water, which ultimately ends up damaging your household stuff, especially carpets and furniture. Although it might seem that the damaged furniture will not be able restored to its original form but water damage is not always that severe as […]

Tips for Taking Care of Your Furniture

Furniture is always a prized possession for people, passing over to many generations. But even the best quality furniture can become a victim of scratches, dullness and stains if left unattended. It’s better to take precautionary measures and ask for cleaning instructions while purchasing your furniture. But if your furniture has lost its shine and […]