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Clean Your Mattress and Sleep Easy

Making the bed, keeping the pillows fluffed and the sheets clean does not make sure you have a clean mattress; it is more in depth than that. Unkempt and untidy mattress can draw bugs to the bed and make your life a nightmare, especially if you cannot get a good night’s sleep due to it. […]

4 Basic Tips to Restore Your Mattress from Water Damage

Has your home recently been affected by a flood or any sort of water damage like piping leakages? We know you must have thought that water only tends to damage the furniture or carpets, but that’s not the case! Now that you have been hit by the water damage dilemma, you know that it does […]

The Ultimate Guide for the Removal of Stains from Mattresses

Did you know that an average person spends one-third of their life in bed? If you had not understood the gravity of having an unclean mattress, this fact should help. Dust, dead skin and other particles slowly build up in your mattress, making it unhealthy for use if not cleaned regularly. It is not just […]