Common Carpet Cleaning Myths

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A clean and beautiful carpet, not only adds to the beauty of your home but is a reflection of your great aesthetic sense. It’s usually the first thing that your guests notice when they enter your home.

Buying a carpet for your home is a big investment, and you want it to continue serving its purpose for a long time. However, carpets tend to get dirty and damaged due to a variety of reasons. Dust, dirt, bugs, ticks, food, pets, and children are the most significant reasons carpets get damaged and dirty. Contrary to carpet cleaning myths, even if you are protecting your carpet from children, pets, and spills, the carpet will get dirty.

Carpets attract dust and dirt that settles on its base over time and cannot be removed from regular carpet brushes and vacuum cleaners. In addition, carpets serve as the ideal breeding ground for various bugs, ticks, and mites that affect the hygiene of you and your home.

Many people tend to ignore cleaning their carpets until it gets extremely filthy. They avoid taking the advice of professional carpet cleaners because they believe in the common myths and misconceptions that are prevalent in our society. NYC Steam Cleaning is here to help discuss the most common myths and misconceptions about professional carpet cleaning. To see if they have any ground at all.

The Carpet Cleaning Myths

New Carpet Doesn’t Need to be Cleaned

This is probably the most common misconception, and most of us fall prey to it. We think that our carpet doesn’t need cleaning as long as it looks fresh and new. However, this is far from reality. Your carpet catches dust, dirt, and grime from the very first day, delaying the cleaning process will only make it more difficult.

Carpets Don’t Get Dirty If You Don’t Have Children or Pets

As mentioned earlier, many people believe that if they don’t have children or pets in their homes, the carpet will remain clean for a long time. Even small crumbs can go unnoticed in fibers of the carpet. There is a strong possibility that small particles of food are lying at the base of your carpet, welcoming various types of insects into your home.

Cleaning a Carpet More Than Once a Week Will Damage it

Most people follow the routine of cleaning their carpet once a week. Only using their vacuum cleaners and nothing else, thinking that it is more than enough to keep their carpet as good as new. A common myth that we all have heard. Again, a misconception. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recommends vacuuming carpets every day.

Carpet Cleaning Myths

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Carpet Never Looks the Same After Professional Cleaning

Many people are afraid of getting their carpets cleaned by professionals because they have heard that once cleaned by professionals, their carpets will lose their color or shine. However, if you choose an experienced service provider, your carpet will only look cleaner and newer.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Products are Highly Toxic

Many people with children worry about the safety of cleaning products in their homes. This is because they think that the chemicals and cleaners they use are highly toxic. While this has some truth to it, there are many non-toxic and risk-free cleaners available. If you decide to get a professional to clean your carpet, simply ask them to use a non-toxic cleaner. Don’t let a simple question get in the way of risking your family’s health by allowing thousands of germs and microbes breed in your carpet.

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