Commercial Tile & Grout Cleaning in NYC

Expert Tile & Grout Cleaning in NYC

Looking for commercial tile and grout cleaning in New York, you have to take into account the fact that different floors have different maintenance needs. Ceramic tile is a valuable material that is smooth unlike concrete and does not rot like wood. However, dirt and debris accumulate on the tile and within the grout lines. Over time, the grout can disintegrate and damage the floor. Professional tile and grout cleaners use the most effective methods to keep floors clean. As a concerned home or apartment owner, consider the reliable services of NYC Steam Cleaning. The company also cleans and polishes for people who are fond of marble.

Company’s commercial tile cleaning professionals consider each floor individually. They choose the best cleaning method based on the condition. As a homeowner, you may have used cleaning products that strip the floor of its shine and strength. If you do not seal the grout, the color and texture may change. An unsafe and unpleasant residue is common. NYC Steam Cleaning's green cleaners are biodegradable and leave no residue or stains behind. NYC Steam Cleaning professionals pay attention to your needs. They provide plenty of safe, effective options for your floor.

We Clean Tile and Grout

NY commercial tile cleaning includes several steps to clean and renew your floor. First, our professionals apply a non-toxic cleaner that covers the floor completely. The cleaning solution loosens stubborn stains and dirt from the file and grout. Then, the professionals use very hot water and high water pressure to clean off the dirt, which flows into our cleaning machine. We do not leave pools but vacuum up the water on your tile floors. Depending on the floor size, this controlled cleaning can take one or two hours. Next, they dry the floor with high pressure machines. This process can take up to half an hour. Then, they inspect the floor for possible damage. The last step is the sealing. If you are satisfied with the work, NYC Steam Cleaning pros will seal the floor to secure it against stains. Afterwards, you can maintain your floor to preserve its condition.

We Clean Marble Floors Too

In addition to tile cleaning, we provide marble cleaning and polishing services. At first, marble looks glossy and attractive, but like everything else, it loses its luster. Professionals do not just clean with soap and water. They use cleaning solutions and equipment that are safe, effective and non-damaging. They polish to cover scratches and bring in a new shine that catches anyone’s eye. Within hours, the marble surface looks many times better than it did before.

It is unsightly to see broken floors and dull counters. If you ignored it once, you cannot ignore it forever. Fortunately, NYC Steam Cleaning professionals have cleaned many tiled floors and counter tops in NYC so they like new again. There is no need to fear going into your bathroom or kitchen. Just contact a commercial grout and tile cleaning NY provider that guarantees long-term results.

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