Professional Moth Removal Services

The damage caused by moths is one of the most common issues our experienced technicians are called to fix. Carpet moths and other moth species that eat cotton, wool, silk and other fabrics made of protein are some of the most annoying, damaging and difficult to get rid of insects.

Moths and Their Life Stages

In their larvae stage, moths are most harmful as this is the time they feed off your carpets and clothes. In their adult stages, they are the least harmful, even though they might be equally disturbing to look at and live with. The average life cycle of a moth is anywhere between two to three months.

Moths love humid, dark places with high temperatures. They also thrive in carpets that have not been properly cleaned and maintained in a long time. Moth damage occurs when area rugs are placed under heavy furniture for years in a row. It is essential to be preemptive and use your vacuum regularly to have better control over moths. Ideal maintenance solutions will also prevent

moths from seeking shelter in your home. Precious Oriental rugs that have been handed down from one generation to the other in your family should be cleaned by professional cleaning services at least once a year. The more time and energy you invest in looking after your carpeting, the better you will manage to protect it.

Moth Removal Services We Offer

  • moth infestation assessments
  • controlled moth removal services
  • moth carpet damage repair and restoration
  • moth steam cleaning services

Moth Infestation Assessment In New York

You should be immediately alarmed in case you notice even a single small moth fluttering around your woven area rugs or silk Turkish carpets in the living room or bedroom area. While you might be lucky enough to be able to nip a carpet moth infestation in the bud, most people only notice the true extent of the problem once holes become visible in their carpets and clothing. This is also about the time we receive desperate phone calls from people asking for our immediate assistance in removing the moths inside their homes. This is a late stage of the problem we do not advise you to reach prior to giving us a call. Get in touch with our friendly customer support as soon as you start suspecting you might have moths hidden in your carpets, closets or furniture upholstery. Tell us why you think you might be dealing with a moth infestation and we will work around your schedule and figure out the best date and time for a proper assessment.


Keep in mind simply getting rid of adult moths with insect sprays and other similar methods will not get you rid of the actual problem. The larvae that started to live in your carpets and area rugs are your worst enemy and the destructive elements you should get rid of. This is particularly true for carpets made of goat hair which moths consider to be extremely delicious.

We will properly inspect every inch of your floor coverings and upholstery and let you know if you are dealing with light or heavy infestation. The last thing you need is for an army of moth larvae to be chewing away at the fine fibers in your precious Oriental carpets. Having synthetic carpets should not help you sleep better at night either. If you also happen to have a pet around the house, their hair will easily embed in the carpet’s fibers and, together with their urine and any extra food spills, your synthetic rugs will turn into your moths’ next favorite meals.

In order to properly assess each carpet, we will take advantage of the sunshine we have almost all year long in New York. We will expose both the face and the back of the carpets to direct sunlight and make sure all moths have been killed.

Moth Removal Services

Once the assessment will be completed, we will proceed with vacuuming both sides of the carpets. We will then use ample water and detergent to have the rugs thoroughly washed. Our technicians also rely on steam cleaning procedures for heavy moth infestations. Finally, we will flat dry the carpets in natural light and heat from the sun for best results.

Moth Damage Repair For Natural Fiber Carpets

Repairing moth damage on rugs and carpets made from natural fibers requires certain levels of skill and experience. First, we will start off by making a foundation in the form of vertical and horizontal threads. The will use these threads to tie knots around the warps. We recommend you do not attempt   to do this by yourself, as you will risk causing even more damage.

Our highly trained carpet technicians are specialized in this job and their know just what to do to achieve best results. They will focus on perfectly matching the weaves and relying on the knot technique that has been used for the rest of the rug. They will also focus on matching all the colors and patterns of the new weave.

Do you need to get rid of nasty moths inside your house or commercial space? Give us a call today and schedule an appointment with us. We work fast, safe and offer some of the most competitive prices on the market.

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