Moth Damage Repair

The mesmerizing, timeless appeal of Persian rugs is hard to explain or describe into words. Their symbolism is widely spread in all walks of life, and it goes beyond simple home decoration. Art, fashion, poetry, music, and wine - the very essence of the soul and psyche of the Iranian people – are accompanied by the strikingly recognizable Persian rugs. They are seen on catwalks, concert arenas, inside homes and luxurious offices or shops all around the world. Their investment value is impressive, and almost incommensurable in some cases, especially when we are talking about ancient rugs that have been passed from one generation to the next.

Expensive Rugs And Moths

  • Even though the modern carpet making industry continues be play a significant role in Iran even today, 2010 has brought a ban on the import of Iranian carpets in the United States. This has seemingly increased the price of carpets that were already found in the country.
  • And it has also triggered a lot of questions and concerns, most of them related to whether the high prices of old or modern-day Persian rugs is justifiable or not. However, if you count among those who recognize the true value of a quality rug, congratulations.
  • The value and overall aesthetics of your home have already increased, and you most likely feel more comfortable in your own house or apartment, office or art gallery.
  • However, one particular problem you might be confronted with in relation to your Persian rugs is dreaded moth issue. Moths can definitely reap havoc on your rugs if they are left unattended, or they go unnoticed for a long time. Unfortunately, and most often than not, moth infestation is only detected at a later moment in time, when most of the damage has already been done.
  • If you are dealing with such a pesky moth issue at the moment, your best bet is to get in touch with an expert carpet cleaner in town. These services can not only clean or repair your carpets and leave them looking and smelling brand new every time, but they can also handle moth infestation and repair services for damaged rugs.

Moths Are Your Rug's Natural Enemies

  • Meet Tineola Bisselliella, the flying clothes moth that is your Oriental rug's biggest enemy, along with dampness. These small and apparently harmless creatures are prone to get away without being noticed most of the time. Their larvae are the ones that actually of all the damage, and not the adult moth itself. The larvae finds the taste of your wool carpets particularly interesting and satisfying, and it goes ahead and feats on it, to your greatest despair, of course.
  • The female moth looks for dark and preferably moist areas of a rug to lay its eggs undisturbed. The eggs are then hatched in a week's time, and the tiny, but hugely damaging larvae start to grow for up to 30 months. At the end of this cycle, the larvae turn into cocoons for a week, then hatch into a moth whose lifespan is not usually greater than 30 days. Them the cycle repeats itself, giving birth to dozens of new moths.

How To Fix The Damage Caused By Moths

  • While you may fear that your rugs have been severely, if not completely damaged by moths, to the point their repair is impossible, talk to a skilled carpet technician. A skilled repair-person like the guys at NYC Steam Cleaning should be able to re-knot and re-pile the affected areas of a rug. At the same time, they should be able to matching the original design and make your beloved and most likely expensive Oriental rug to its initial form.
  • One of the greatest obstacles carpet cleaners and repair technicians are confronted with is that of perfectly matching the wool. However, this is not always something easily achievable, as some wool found in the most expensive rugs has been naturally antiqued. Obtaining the same color would therefore take years, during which the rug should be subjected to the wear-and-tear factor and direct sunlight. Luckily, most of today's carpet cleaning services can do an extremely good job at matching the color of the wool and make your moth damaged rugs regain their original glory and aesthetics.
  • The NYC Steam Cleaning team can accurately rebuild the foundation for your damaged rugs, if necessary. They will proceed by exposing both the face and the back of the rugs to direct sunlight for several days. This will help them perform more thorough inspections for any remaining and alive moths. They will also rely on entirely safe heating procedures to completely eliminate any remaining larvae eggs. This method will also get you read of any ingrained soil, which is not possible using DIY, amateur moth removal procedures you might be tempted to try on your own. It is also do an excellent job at better protecting the weave and color of the rug. Afterwards, they will wash both sides of the rug using water and detergent, then let it flat dry in the sun.
  • Next, they will make vertical and horizontal threads for the foundation, and tie the knots around them. This is a particularly sensitive and detailed type of a job that requires the full attention and expertize of master repair personnel. The secret to success is to make sure the weave and know procedures are identical throughout the entire surface of the rug.
  • The actual matching of the color of the new weaves with the original design of the rug is often times considered pure art.
  • They can also have all of your carpets and Oriental rugs around the house or commercial space professionally cleaned at least once a year, to prevent moth damage to begin with.

New York City’s leading carpet cleaner and restorer of Oriental rugs can help you come out with flying colors out of the battle against nasty moths. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us today and schedule an appointment with us!

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